Opening Soon

Thank you for visiting the JinSpare Website. Its with extreme sadness and a very heavy heart that we are announcing the full closing of the JinSpare website. I know this most come very suprising as we have literally just re-opened but I have very quickly come to realise that due to my illness, I do not have the energy required to devote to this. Over the last year I have been fighting Pancreatic Cancer which as you can imagine has taken its toll. Over Christmas I felt a resurgence of energy which I hoped was a turning point and despite my long term prognosis remaining the same (less than 12 months)) I felt I was reacting well. But upon re-starting my Chemo treatment last week, I have been left exhausted with next to no energy. This is causing trouble with general day to day life, let alone the running of a website site business. So its unfortunately time to say goodbye. But this does throw up the question of the thousands of pounds of parts we have left in stock. If anyone would like to turn up with a van, you can have the lot for £500. That's all I need to cover the remaining of my funeral costs. JinSpare has always been about keeping these bikes on the road and not about money, so if someone else would like to take on the largest second hand stock available and continue what we've started, is would certainly help send me off happy. If you would like to discuss further, please email Thank you to everyone how has supported JinSpare over the years, we wish you many years safe and happy riding. Many thanks from the JinSpare Team